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Being Thankful on Thanksgiving and Beyond

Posted By Administration, Monday, November 20, 2017

This seems to be an odd way to start a thankful message and a story about how to be thankful for you and your membership. Please bear with us.

First. As an association we are thankful for you and grateful for your friendship and support. We wish you and your families and friends the happiest of Thanksgivings.

As human beings we are always looking — sometimes desperately — for something positive. It’s tough to do these days. But positive — researchers say — improves health and wellbeing. In researching gratitude and thankfulness we ran across an article from the University of Minnesota.

Kind of an odd place to find a gratitude article but it’s a good one.

The university found that gratitude boosts the immune system and drops blood pressure. Depression is decreased and optimism increases. Your love life is improved and when faced with a life-threatening crisis, your coping mechanism works better. You’ll also experience faster healing after a medical procedure.

By the way, gratitude — university researcher Robert Emmons said — also leads to better eating habits, more exercise and the avoidance of risky behaviors.

Best of all is that all of this thankfulness is absolutely free.

The research — as just noted — comes from Emmons who is an international expert on gratitude. “I think gratitude allows us to participate more in life. We notice the positives more, and that magnifies the pleasures you get from life,” he said.

With that he said it’s sometimes all about small things. Ever notice — Emmons adds — the warmth of a good cup of coffee or how that first sip pleases the pallet? It’s the small things that lead to a sense of gratitude but it’s easy to ignore them because they’re so ordinary.


Stopping to appreciate them makes them much more powerful. And with that Emmons suggests 10 things to improve gratitude.

1.    Say — out loud, every day — three good things that happened. Do this with the family or do it alone. Just make sure it’s done out loud.

2.    Keep a gratitude journal. Write down those small things — and big things — that make your day. And if you’re having a particularly bad day, then go back through your journal to see all the positives that happened in days before.

3.    Express your gratitude to your partner. That sets up what Emmons says is a powerful loop of intimacy and trust. This is where couples learn their needs are being met.

4.    Angry? A quick gratitude inventory can stuff the steam. Focus on the good and instead of lashing out at someone or something, think of five things you’re thankful for at the moment.

5.    Thank yourself. We forget that we ought to be as nice to ourselves as we are to other people.

6.    Send good vibes to others. Technology is a great way to send gratitude messages. They’ll appreciate the effort and the love.

7.    Good moments are to be savored. When you’re happy or things are going well stop for just a second to see how it is affecting your body and your mind. When a challenge occurs later, remember that moment.

8.    Every cloud has a silver lining. There are benefits even in the most difficult challenge. Mistakes teach lessons.

9.    Look forward. Do not look inward. We — Emmons said — do much better when our focus is on others. Troubled? Hope someone pops into your life with deeper troubles than you.

10. Change your perspective. When we struggle to count our blessings, we do well to notice others who are worse off.


The PIA Western Alliance counts you among our blessings and we are grateful for your support. You are amazing people. One of the best things we notice at PIA conventions, conferences and education events is the camaraderie. You love and respect each other. Hugs are exchanged. Stories are swapped. Laughs are shared. You talk about problems. You talk about solutions. You talk about the industry you love and that you’ve devoted your life to.

We live in such a strained world these days. Strife seems to be everywhere. People are tense. People are unhappy. No matter where you turn. All this uncertainty is unnerving. But there is a bright light. We look for peace in all that noise and find it in each other and our families. When it comes to the proverbial down to it, that’s what really counts and what is really important in life.

We are grateful for you and for your support and wish you and your families a very happy Thanksgiving.


Source link: The University of Minnesota

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